El Chato Prada will be a grandfather again: his daughter Florencia announced her second pregnancy in less than a year

Florencia Prada announced on her Instagram account that she is pregnant, waiting for her second child. Last year she gave birth to Julieta, her first daughter from her marriage to Gustavo Vanadia. the daughter of Boring Prada She posted a photo with her husband and their daughter and wrote: “Happy the 4”.

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Less than a year after giving birth to her first daughter, Julieta, as a result of her relationship with her husband Gustavo Vanadia, with whom she has already been married for two years, Flor announced that she is once again waiting sweetly.

“I am four months. We got married in 2019, in the pandemic year I got pregnant and my daughter was born at the beginning of 2021, so at the end of the month she turns one year old. And now we are back. I still don’t know the sex of the baby,” Flor began in a note with Paparazzi.

“We believe that the matter is closed here. We are happy because it is something that we wanted and wanted, but it happened faster than we thought. We are shocked to be able to enlarge the family and that Julieta has a brother or sister because we do not know yet, “he added.

“Another baby was in the plans and it came earlier than expected. I’m 4 months old and I still don’t know the sex,” he remarked.

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