El Corte Inglés launches ‘Mica de Pan’, a sustainable craft beer made with its surplus bread

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El Corte Inglés has presented Mica de Pan, a beer that takes advantage of the surplus bread from the bakeries that the firm has in Valladolid to create the drink, which will be sold in its centers throughout Spain. It is a collaboration with the artisan producer Mica Beers.

As the company has explained, by using bread as one of the ingredients of this beer, this program has positive consequences for the environment, both by saving on the arable surface of the grain necessary for the manufacture of beer and by the use of these bread surpluses avoiding food waste.

At launch, Juan Jose Gomez Maldonado, Head of Sustainability at El Corte Inglés; David Abadbuyer of the group’s beers and juan cherryfounder of Cervezas Mica, have agreed that it is a sustainable project that closes the circle by using bread that has not been sold at the end of the day in the bakeries of El Corte Inglés in Valladolid.

cherry has detailed that the elaboration of Mica de Pan requires a different procedure than a conventional beerand although the fermentation and maceration processes are the same, the elaboration, however, is different, so it takes more time in this step.

In this sense, he has pointed out that the bread used contributes starch and sugar to the beer, which, like malt, are necessary elements to make a correct fermentation and convert these into alcohol and CO2 natural, elements that will be integrated with the must, creating the gas of the beer in a natural way.

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