El Outbreak Social in a free publication with columns by José Bengoa, Tomás Moulián and Hugo Fazio | Arts and culture

One year has passed since the start of the Social Outbreak. To commemorate this date, the University Academy of Christian Humanism (UAHC) shares a selection of columns and reflections of its intellectuals and teachers that covers the last year of social mobilization and its main milestones.

Sociologists, anthropologists, historians, psychologists, social workers and other teachers at the UAHC analyzed key moments since the great evasions of the subway, the concentrations, the first skirmishes in Plaza Baquedano and its transformation in the Plaza Dignidad, are some of the topics addressed in “October 18: Radiography of a revolt from the Academy.”

The publication is a kind of blog of this period with opinion articles and reflections on the resurgence of police violence, the eye mutilation of men and women victims of the use of anti-riot shotguns by Special Forces, the declaration of war by President Sebastián Piñera and the expectations of social change that quickly spread to the institutional discussion materializing today in a constituent process.

“October 18: Radiography of a revolt from the Academy”, which can be freely downloaded via www.academia.cl, seeks to be a space for debate and exchange of ideas related to the search for social justice and the transition towards a representative, inclusive constituent process and where there is reparation for the victims of this process.

“This set of texts is the work of authors linked to the Academy in the course of the events that began on the afternoon of October 18, 2019, they also continue on a national scale to the present day and express ways of understanding and comprehending events of enormous historical relevance and of still unpredictable consequences”, Affirms Álvaro Ramis, rector of the UAHC.

“October 18: Radiography of a revolt from the Academy” includes a selection of exclusive images captured by the students of the various careers of the Academia de Humanismo Cristiano University in various spaces of social manifestation of the last year.


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