El Potrillo spreads help for musicians

In these days of isolation, Alejandro Fernández she has been able to be in more contact with her children; Although he has time to reflect and meditate at his home in Vallarta, he is also concerned about what is happening in Mexico and the world for the coronavirus pandemic.

El Potrillo explains that his entire family is healthy.

For now, he cannot see his father Vicente Fernández, who is at home in Guadalajara, but remains in constant contact.

“It is super well protected, super isolated, very well cared for,” he tells EL UNIVERSAL.

“I do not know if my brothers are there with them, I believe that everyone is isolated in their home. We have maintained a lot of communication by phone and he is very well cared for, with my mom, his assistant and the GP. ”

For the musician, it is not enough to stay at home taking the appropriate measures to help control the spread of the virus. As a way to use his power of convening on the internet, he has teamed up with Dr. Juan Rivera to share a series of capsules in which doubts that the public has regarding the subject are resolved.

“I am not a doctor nor am I a specialist, nor do I want to give a false or invalid note, so what I wanted to do is use my means with a civil responsibility in order to be able to give the public truthful and meaningful information It comes from a specialized person. “

The dynamic consists, explains the interpreter of “I dedicated myself to lose you”, in choosing the three questions that are most asked on social networks so that the doctor can solve them both on Fernández’s platforms and on a television channel, so they have Explained from how to use a mask to what to do when faced with certain symptoms.

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Song and challenge for the musicians

Alejandro Fernández is one of the singers who has had to postpone concerts in the face of the pandemic, so when his son Alex challenged him to make a donation for people who live daily, he points out, he took the proposal and took it to his trench.

“I put myself in my role, I accepted the challenge and I said to him:‘ well, nothing more than me in my circle I move with my musicians and they are all standing right now and living up to date, “he says.

By considering his own musicians as his family, El Potrillo explains that the idea came up to raise funds for the Música México Covid-19 and Music Cares Covid-19 Relief Fund foundations in the United States.

“I am very concerned about what they are going through, what they are thinking about and not just for work but for their families.”

This is how tomorrow will release the single “That and more”, the profits of which will go to this cause.

“I had a very good idea, I consulted with my office and we decided to do another challenge to name several friends from the industry, colleagues and artists that I am going to nominate and who will do the same. The other artists are going to have to do something to support the musicians in general ”.

For Alejandro, the premiere of the video he recorded during a concert in Guadalajara has a double meaning, because in addition, the song by Joan Sebastian comes out the day it was the birthday of the King of Jaripeo.

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“When Joan was alive, I had told him, because we had plans to make another album later, I wanted to record this song and do something very special because it was one of his songs that I liked the most and because it couldn’t, unfortunately he passed away.

“We tried to get her out on her anniversary day (she would be 69 years old). It is going to be a very special occasion for me and for his fans. ”


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