Elected as General Chair of IPPNU, Here’s Whasfi Velasufah’s Profile

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Whasfi Velasufah was elected as the General Chairperson of the Central Leadership of the Nahdlatul Ulama Women’s Student Association (PP IPPNU for the khidmah 2022-2025 period. She managed to get 285 votes out of 346 votes in the XIX IPPNU Congress at Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory, Jakarta, Monday (15/8/ 2022) early morning.

Whasfi Velasufah spent her primary and secondary education in Kudus, specifically at Al Hidayah Kudus Kindergarten, Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Nahdlatul Ulama (MI NU) Tsamrotul Wathon Kudus, and Madrasah Aliyah Nahdlatul Ulama (MA NU) Banat Kudus. His first secondary education was taken at Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTs) An-Nahdlah Islamic Boarding School Depok.

While his higher education was taken at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta for the undergraduate program and master’s program at the University of Indonesia.

During her formal education, the girl who is familiarly called Vela never left the pesantren. While in Depok, he recited the Koran at the An-Nahdlah Islamic Boarding School in Depok, while in Kudus, he deepened his religious knowledge at the Yanabi’ul Ulum Warrohmah Islamic Boarding School in Kudus.

In fact, when he was studying in college, he also chose to live in a boarding school, to be precise at the Dar El Hikam Islamic Boarding School in Ciputat, South Tangerang.

Lots of experience
Vela also has a wealth of organizational experience. In the 2019-2022 PP IPPNU management, she was trusted to manage the finances of the NU female student organization, namely as general treasurer.

In the previous management, during the 2015-2018 khidmah period, Vela was part of the IPPNU PP Cadreization board. He has also been given the mandate to take care of the regeneration of the IPPNU Banten 2017 Regional Leadership (PW).

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Apart from IPPNU, Vela is also active in NU institutions, such as the Deputy Secretary of the NU South Tangerang Disaster Management and Climate Change Agency (LPBI) and the LAZISNU Treasurer of South Tangerang City.

In the election for the general chairman candidate, Vela got 257 votes. Besides Vela, there were two other names, namely Nurul Afifah Marwatin who got 66 votes and Khairatul Niamah with 24 votes.

Vela and Afifah were elected as candidates for general chairman. In the general chairman election, Vela managed to get 285 votes, while Afifah got 61 votes.

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