Election campaign in America: Democratic debate


NThere is not only a family dispute with the royals in Great Britain. There is also controversy in the progressive Democratic camp. Earlier this week, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren accused her Vermont colleague Bernie Sanders of telling her in a private conversation in 2018 that a woman could not win the American presidency. Sanders immediately denied reports of the content of the conversation.

Both want to be president. So far, Warren and Sanders had entered into a kind of non-aggression pact in the race for the Democratic nomination for the November election and instead directed political attacks primarily against Donald Trump and moderate competitors such as Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg. On Tuesday evening, at the last debate three weeks before the Iowa primaries began, Bernie Sanders had to justify himself again for the report – and denied that the testimony had ever been made in front of cameras.

“I never actually said that,” Sanders replied when asked by the moderators what he said about the statement. “Anyone who knows me knows that it is inconceivable that I would think a woman could not be President of the United States.” Elizabeth Warren seemed to disagree, but did not agree to an open conflict: “Bernie is my friend and i am not here to argue with him. ”

Women who have never lost

And yet her campaign team had obviously done his homework to give the four men on the pods a little swipe: “But the question of whether a woman could be president was raised and should therefore be addressed directly,” continued Warren continued. “Look at the men here on stage: together they lost ten elections. The only people on this stage who have won every election are women – Amy[[[[Klobuchar; Minnesota Senator]and me.”

Joe Biden, who applied for the presidency for the third time after 1988 and 2008, tried to use the mini-radio strike between Sanders and Warren to promote his campaign with his favorite topic: eligibility.

“The real question is who can reunite the party and represent all of the party’s groups. African-American, brown, black, women, men, gay, heterosexual. The fact is, ”said Biden,“ that I have the broadest coalition of voters behind me here in the race. ”

19 days to Iowa

This brief exchange between Sanders and Warren will undoubtedly be the most discussed moment in the evening. It was the only time that a little bit of a swing was made, when it became clear that this was about something. And one would actually have thought that the candidates would therefore lay out a lot more banana peels. The primaries in the state of Iowa begin in 19 days. The polls currently predict a close race between Sanders, Warren and Biden, with chances for Buttigieg to surprise everyone. If you get off the starting block well among the Democrats in Iowa, you can’t justifiably hope that you will run as a candidate against Donald Trump in November.



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