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After the recent failure of the Saxon FDP in the state election, the entire party executive committee of the Liberals announced on Monday his resignation. A new election will take place on 2 November, said Secretary General Torsten Herbst. Party leader Holger Zastrow withdraws with it. The executive committee takes over the responsibility for the result of the state parliament election.

The FDP had missed on Sunday for the second time in a row the entry into the state parliament of the Free State. It came to 4.5 percent of the vote, in 2014 there had been only 3.8 percent for the former ruling party. In the parliament in Dresden remain CDU, AfD, Left, Greens and SPD. CDU Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer is currently in search of alliance partners, as the previous grand coalition no longer has an absolute majority in parliament. It is expected
that CDU, SPD and Green Exploratory talks lead to a so-called Kenya coalition. Even in Brandenburg, the FDP has not made it into the state parliament.

For the FDP especially younger voters and self-employed have voted. If only people under the age of 60 had chosen, they would have succeeded in re-entering the state parliament. FDP leader Christian Lindner
certified his party therefore on Monday a “Ü60 weakness”,

In 1999, the Saxon FDP almost broke up after a historical low of 1.1 percent of the second votes. The then 30-year-old Holger Zastrow took over the party and led them back five years later in the state legislature. 2009 reached the FDP with 10.0 percent of the vote a record result and was junior partner of the CDU in the first and so far only black-yellow coalition in the Free State.

Politics Saxony The East is not lost

The East is not lost

The election result sends clear messages: The fight for electoral favor can be won for the political parties on this side of extreme margins in the East as well. And: winning is difficult.Comment by Cornelius Pollmer

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