Election of FIFA President: The German voice for Infantino is hypocrisy – sport


You do not have to talk long. Of course, this is an oath of disclosure when the German Football Association (DFB) announces that it will again elect Gianni Infantino as president at the Fifa World Congress in Paris on Wednesday.

In recent months, the leaders of the DFB have repeatedly gone to distance to Infantino, of his cocky plans a bloated club World Cup or a global Nations League held little, even open criticism was heard from the DFB headquarters in Frankfurt am Main , The consequence: nothing. Everything remains as usual, the DFB does not have the courage to turn against Infantino.

Of course that would have been symbolic. It is already clear that Infantino will take up another term as Fifa president. With his favoritism he has secured more than enough votes, especially among the associations of smaller nations. There will not even be a rival candidate because the situation seems so hopeless.

Nevertheless, the DFB could have set a sign and publicly position itself against Infantino. Of course he does not like that. It does not occur to put the DFB “even further on the sidelines, as he already is”, they wanted “that the German voice is heard,” so that you could “represent critical points of view,” said the Bureau members of the DFB. These are big words that sound like discussion and open discourse. The only question is, what is there currently to discuss with Infantino. The old and new Fifa president will be happy about the vote of the DFB – it legitimizes its course. Since the DFB can go at a distance, as he wants – in the end is not much more than hypocrisy.


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