Elections 2022, Renzi: “Da Letta no veti? He did the math”

“The Democratic Party in recent weeks said ‘Renzi makes us lose votes, we don’t want it’, obviously they did the math and they changed their minds. ”Thus the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi, guest of Agorà Estate on Rai 3 replies to the words of the Pd leader Enrico Letta according to which there is no veto for an alliance with Renzi.

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“After that – clarifies the leader IV – we are in a very serious situation”, therefore “first we decide what to do, then we see the alliances. Politics seems to have gone mad, maybe it’s the heat “.

Anyway “Letta called me on Saturday and he said to me: ‘what you read in the newspapers …’, let’s look, we’ll hear each other “.

“If Iv says she goes it alone, it is because she is sure to get to 5%. For us it is the best thing for the seats, but I do not make a speech about seats”, says Renzi. To those who ask him if he will leave politics in the event that he does not hit the target, he replies: “Don’t ask me these questions, they start badly”, he jokes.

As for the center-right, “Melons it must be defeated on the contents, not on the ghosts. “Leader of Fdi premier?” I hope not – replies Renzi – and I will do everything to make it not, but if Meloni is, I will respect the vote. You don’t win by going against someonebut you win by making different proposals “, he adds.

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“Let’s start from the contents to make the coalition, but if you want a dry name I would start from Draghi and it will start from there if there is a tieif instead the right wins …. My dream is that the restart point is Draghi “.

“I’m a candidate, I don’t know if for the Senate.” Would Berlusconi, president of Palazzo Madama, vote for him? “Come on, let’s be serious, no. But I say for him, I never voted for Berlusconi, but today Berlusconi must be helped to be a noble father, see him pull the plug from the Draghi government I’m sorry, those around him should advise him better. Berlusconi he has led more governments than all, has his own international recognition, do you want to put him back in the political arena? “. Thus the leader of Iv Matteo Renzi, guest of Agorà Estate on Rai3.

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