“Elections in 2022”. The real suspicion of the leader of Italia Viva – Libero Quotidiano

Matteo Renzi he is sure of it. And he says it from the stage of his convention at the Leopolda: in 2022 there will be a vote. The Renzian audience welcomes this prediction with a disapproving grimace. But the leader of Italia Viva seems to have his own political calendar in mind. Accuse a poker leader of selfishness: Salvini, Meloni, Letta and Conte, because according to him they have an interest in going to the polls. “If the egoism of the 4 prevails and the legislature is interrupted, we will be ready”, specifies the former prime minister. “We have talked a lot, perhaps too much about justice in recent days, today we are on politics”, his other message.

In the meantime, there is also the question Quirinale. Renzi has his own thought: “Meloni has been cleared by a certain left-wing culture, but its problem is that Le Pen is too moderate. Salvini? I thought he wanted to bring the League into the PPE field but it seems to me that this is not the case. his idea, while the Democratic Party has allied itself with the 5 Stars. They prefer the liaison with Conte and Bonafede “. With these scenarios for Renzi “a prairie opens up in the center, between sovereignists and populists: that space which in various ways has been occupied by Scholz, Macron “, continues on Newspaper.

Renzi looks at the center: “I get hives to evoke that center, a doily. If we imagine the center as a fence of acronyms, identities or even worse personal ambitions, we know that that design will never work. If we imagine it as the place where you go to compete to gather consensus and win, then that is the place where elections are won. Are we at 2 percent? the remaining 98% do not know what is being lost “, he proudly specifies to an applauding audience. What is certain is the support for Draghi government: “The priority should be the PNRR, an incredible amount of money that reaches our country, not because Conte brought it. There is an algorithm made by two Dutch executives in European institutions that have matched the macroeconomic characteristics of Italy and the money that comes from Europe. It is not a merit of the government that made the negotiation, it is an algorithm “, conclude.

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