Elections in Germany. A young reporter discredits the head of the far-right AfD. He asked for a poem

Chairman of the far-right party Alternative for German (AfD) Tino Chrupalla wants that schools w Germany they passed on more of the German cultural heritage and the children learned more German poems and folk songs in schools. One would have to appreciate more “German poets and thinker” in schools, he said in an interview with baby the “logo!” news program broadcast on ZDF public television.

Favorite poem?

However, when the young reporter Alexander asked Chrupalla about his favorite German poem, the head of the AfD had to admit that he did not know any. “My favorite poem is … hmmm, I have to …, I would have to think first, now I can’t think of any” – replied the confused 46-year-old in front of the cameras.

And when the reporter asked about his favorite German poet, Chrupall mentioned Heinrich Heine.

The AfD politician also had gaps in knowledge when it comes to the language of youth, for example what the word “cringe” means, the term “embarrassment” commonly used on social media.

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Elections in two weeks

Two weeks before the Bundestag elections, the leading candidates of other German parties – Armin Laschet (CDU), Olaf Scholz (SPD), Annalena Baerbock (Greens), Christian Lindner (FDP), Markus Soeder (CSU) and Janine Wissler (Left party) – they also gave a few minutes’ interviews to children’s reporters with “logo!” And they weren’t sure when answering questions about youth language.

Tino Chrupally’s statement when asked about his favorite German poem is maliciously commented on on the web. One user tweeted: “It’s like asking Sarah Palin to read the newspapers. Or Donald Trump for his favorite passage from the Bible. “

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According to the last probe and the far-right AfD can count on around 11% of support in the run-up to the elections. It is the strongest opposition party in the Bundestag of the current term of office.

Currently, the SPD (26%) is leading the polls, followed by the CDU / CSU Christian Democrats (20%). I want to vote for the Greens 15 percent. entitled, on FPD 13 percent. and 6 percent of the Left party. – according to the INSA survey of September 11 this year.

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