Elections in the US: Joe Biden accuses Donald Trump of strengthening Nicolás Maduro and expelling Venezuelans

The Democratic presidential hopeful’s campaign, Joe Biden, accused on Saturday his rival in the November elections, President Donald Trump, who is running for re-election, to strengthen the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, with its policies, after some controversial revelations about deportations of Venezuelans.

A foreign policy advisor to the former vice president’s campaign, Antony Blinken, said in a statement that “Trump loves to speak up for the Venezuelan people, but the actions of his Administration tell a different story. “

“Yesterday we learned that the Trump administration was involved in a cruel and inhumane policy deporting Venezuelan nationals back to the murderous Maduro regime through a third country, “Blinken recalled.

Biden’s campaign referred to Friday’s allegations by Democratic Senator Bob Menéndez, of Cuban origin and highly critical of Maduro, that the Trump administration used third countries to continue deporting Venezuelan migrants, a strategy that supposedly served him to avoid a ban on flights to Venezuela that he himself decreed in 2019.

Menéndez affirmed that the deportations took place at least until March of this year and assured that the flights originating in the US made a stopover in Trinidad and Tobago before arriving in Venezuela.

Candidate Joe Biden during a rally in Miramar, Floridad, a key state for the November elections. AFP

This route supposedly sought to avoid a regulation that the president decreed in May 2019 to prevent any flight to Venezuela.

The information Menéndez revealed is based on some documents that the US Foreign Ministry delivered in recent weeks to the Senate Foreign Committee, where the senator is the highest ranking Democrat, and where he confirms that Trinidad and Tobago was used as a stopping point for deportations at least between January and March of this year.

Blinken added that “these revelations, combined with President Trump’s inexplicable refusal to grant Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Venezuelans already in the United States, make clear their indifference towards the people of Venezuela and their suffering under the Maduro regime. “

“During the Trump Administration, Maduro has grown stronger and the Venezuelan people have worsened,” he said.

Democratic Senator Bob Menéndez who released the Foreign Ministry documents on the expulsion of Venezuelan migrants by order of the White House.  AP

Democratic Senator Bob Menéndez who released the Foreign Ministry documents on the expulsion of Venezuelan migrants by order of the White House. AP

And he recalled that, if he wins the elections, Biden will grant TPS to Venezuelans who are in the US and will mobilize the international community to address the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, in addition to promoting “free and fair” elections in the country. Latin American.

Biden has said on several occasions that, if he reaches the White House, he would grant Venezuelan immigrants TPS and reverse Trump’s policies, considering that they have consolidated Maduro.

Venezuela has become a key issue for the November presidential elections in the US due to the weight of the Cuban and Venezuelan vote in the key state of Florida that delivers 29 delegates to the Electoral College.

To capture that vote, Trump has decreed more sanctions and restrictions on Cuba and Venezuela; while the Democrats want the Executive to grant Venezuelans living in the US TPS, which would allow them to reside and work in the country.
Washington. EFE

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