Elections, the five key words of the party campaign: work, business, family, rights and safety

The election campaign played around five themes: work, businesses, families, rights e safety. At least this is what emerges from the analysis of election programs deposited on the Viminale website in view of the political elections on September 25th. The program used allows you to make a quantitative study of the text of the agenda of the individual parties. One comes out word cloud: the larger a word appears, the more times it appears in the program.

The term that appears across all programs is work. The proposals of the coalitions obviously differ: Italy’s economic growth is entrusted to policies to combat unemployment, as well as to economic incentives for companies that employ mainly young people. Own businesses is another key word: in the programs of the right it appears in a significant dimension, because it is repeated several times, but it also occupies an important space in the agenda of the Democratic Party. A theme that appears almost exclusively in the electoral campaign of the right is the safetywhile so mirroring the word rights it appears only in the graphic displays of the Democratic Party and the coalition between the Italian Left and the Greens.

The term families it is as present in all programs as it is divisive: the right focuses on economic support, favoring policies that encourage birth rates, while the left and the 5 Star Movement also include laws to protect homosexual families in the program. Absent from all graphic displays is the word guerrawhich therefore appears few times in electoral programs.

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Brothers of Italy – The word young it is in third place, after work and businesses: issues related to youth policies are dealt with in chapter 7 (Making way for young people) and 8 (Re-launching schools, universities̀ and research). As for the economy, two terms at the center of Giorgia Meloni’s party program are investments e infrastructure. The word also appears in the cloud Pnrr, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, of which Fratelli d’Italia is asking for a partial revision. The word also appears in the display defence: defense of borders, the traditional family and the Catholic religion.

Lega – Turismo e fishing these are two words that appear only in the word cloud of the party program led by Matteo Salvini: they are the sectors on which the Carroccio has always aimed to make the Italian economy grow. In the chapter dedicated to energy, the word emerges gas: the program emphasizes the need to “continue with the diversification of supplies and the construction of strategic infrastructures, including regasifiers, for the release from Russian gas and to ensure the safety of the energy system”.

Forza Italy – Two figures appear in the graphic representation of Silvio Berlusconi’s party: 23%with reference to the flat tax proposal, e 1000 euro, the minimum threshold to which it is proposed to raise all pensions. One word that takes up significant space is simplification: refers to businesses and citizens’ lives. Forza Italia proposes less state and more freedom of enterprise for citizens. The presence of the term magistrates in the cloud is due to the large space dedicated to the justice reform program.

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Democratic party – The adjective sustainable it is written large in the graphic visualization of the PD program and is at the center of the chapter dedicated to Development and the ecological and digital transition. Just the word transition in fact it appears large in the cloud of words of the party led by Enrico Letta. Also democracy is a very present term in the text of the program, as well as community e dignity.

5 Star Movement – The word that appears several times in the program of Giuseppe Conte’s Movement, immediately after work, is development. In the chapter dedicated to this topic, both the protection of the worker and a pension reform based on economic sustainability are taken into consideration. The word salary is written many times, reflecting the centrality that the minimum wage has in the electoral offer of the 5 Star Movement, while the digitization of payments brings out the adjective in the graphic display digital.

Action and Italia Viva – Skills it is the most important noun in the coalition program that holds together Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi. Starting from this, an economic recipe is proposed to restart the country’s economy, based on two other keywords: investments e market. There are several words related to the world of work: contracts, salary, income e professionals.

Verdi and Left Italy – In the coalition program, references to health and the health of citizens are frequent: in fact, the acronym occupies a prominent space in the cloud SSN (National health system) and the noun pandemic. There are also many words traditionally important for the left, such as participation e services. The ecological soul of the coalition is instead summed up by the terms environmental e animals.

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