Electric car Lucid Air: 113kWh battery for a range of 830 km

On September 9, the American start-up Lucid Motors will present its new Air electric car. He promises a range of 830 km EPA.

The developers of the Lucid Air electric car did not want to go the “stupid range”, ie adding more and more batteries while increasing the price and weight and reducing the interior space. The goal was the opposite: to achieve maximum range with the greatest possible efficiency and optimal price. But that is probably the goal of all electric car developers today.
foto: Lucid Motors

Originally, Lucid Motors planned for their electric car Air with a battery with a capacity of even 130 kWh. However, recent EPA testing has confirmed that it will be a 113kWh battery.

Lucid Motors has currently published a detailed look at the construction of its electric car. They call their platform “Lucid Space Concept”. The main goal of the development was miniaturization of the drive and battery.

Peter Rawlinson, chief and co-developer Lucid Motors, is currently also suggesting that in the future, the company will offer other models. They will be equipped with a smaller battery, but the same technology that benefits from many innovations in efficiency.

“It’s not just a few percent here, we’re talking about a significant improvement, which I’ll talk about more on September 9th,” Rawlinson said at the moment. According to him, this is a real breakthrough and he is looking forward to the future role of Lucid Motors in the development of electromobility.

Lucid Air will offer a front luggage compartment (frunk) with a volume of 280 liters – the largest of the current offer of electric cars. The rear trunk will have a volume of 459 liters, a total of 739 liters. Other specifications and, of course, should be notified price of electric car.

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The chosen date for the introduction of the Lucid Air electric car is probably not accidental. Thirteen days later, On September 22, Tesla holds the long-awaited Battery Day. There he plans to present his own major advances in battery development.


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