Electric cars, the ten best-selling models / Kia Niro with 3,953 units

A medium-small crossover, proposed in two hybrid versions rechargeable from the outside or not and two electric ones. The hybrids have a 105hp 1.6 petrol direct injection mated to an electric motor with 43.5hp, 60.5hp for the Plug-in just before the robotic dual-clutch gearbox. The batteries, located under the sofa, have a capacity of 1.56 kWh for the normal versions and are automatically recharged in slowdowns, taking advantage of the car’s inertia. Those of the Plug-in, on the other hand, are much more capacious, 8.9 kWh, and to completely regenerate them you need to connect to the electricity grid: on the other hand, Kia promises a range of 49 km without using a drop of petrol. When the two engines work together, the total power is 141 hp. The electric ones, on the other hand, are there with 136 hp with 289 km of autonomy and with 204 hp, the 64 kWh battery, instead of 39, guarantees 455 km with a full tank. With the late 2019 update, the Kia Niro’s understated look has gained some oomph, thanks to changes in the front that include arrow daytime running lights in the bumper. In the welcoming interior, the finishes are more refined and the multimedia system changes, equipped with 8-inch or 10.3-inch screens. Also new are the semi-autonomous driving systems which, under certain conditions, allow the car to move on its own following the flow of traffic. On the road, the Kia Niro is appreciated for its comfort, with hybrid driving that is safe and very easy thanks to the support of the valid robotic gearbox: the combined 141 hp move the car with a certain liveliness even uphill. These qualities are found, amplified, in the most powerful accredited version of 204 hp.

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