Electric “Jeep Avenger” – AINA, chosen as the European car of the year, made its debut in Lithuania

Celebrating its 80th anniversary, the Jeep brand, known all over the world, is taking firm steps into the world of electric cars – it presented its first fully electric model, the Avenger, at the 2022 Paris Motor Show and has already won a bunch of awards. One of the most popular electric cars on the market can already be seen in Lithuania – the first cars are already waiting for those who want to do test drives.

Small but still real a jeep

The new electric Avenger is the shortest model of this manufacturer, but thanks to the design typical of electric cars and the manufacturer’s desire to create practical cars, it is characterized by a large space for passengers and luggage. The volume of the compartments in the cabin alone is 34 liters, which is equal to a small suitcase. The trunk with a capacity of more than 340 liters, which expands to 1,053 liters when the seats are folded down, is accessible through an automatically opening trunk lid, rarely seen in this car segment.

The electric crossover is equipped with such electronic systems as Selec-Terrain®, which selects the most optimal parameters for driving on different surfaces, and the downhill braking system, thanks to which going down a steep slope becomes safe and easy. Even though the Avenger is front-wheel drive, Jeep hasn’t strayed far from its values ​​and made sure this little guy can be turned off-road. Intelligent electronic systems, protective body parts, 200 millimeters of ground clearance and small front and rear overhangs allow the drivers of this electric car to reach such remote corners that some larger SUVs would not be able to reach.

“The new Avenger is the right choice for those who are looking for a compact, solid and “cool” car, characterized by the most advanced technologies, spaciousness and comfort, while providing a lot of good emotions. This model is ideal for everyday commuting, but also for going on vacation, picnics, living an active life or even sharing. With the Avenger, you can do anything and go anywhere,” Eric Laforge, Jeep brand manager in Europe, described the new model.

Awarded as soon as he debuted

This model was presented to the public at last year’s Paris Motor Show and won very solid awards. The famous British publication “Top Gear” awarded the new crossover in the “Electric Car of the Year” and “Best City Electric Car” nominations. Autocar, another prestigious British car publication, named the Avenger in the “Best Small Car” category.

Since 2009, the new Jeep has won the “Best Family SUV” category in the “World Women’s Car of the Year” election, and perhaps the most important award for this model is that it has become the absolute winner of the “European Car of the Year 2023” competition.

As many as 57 independent members from 22 countries vote for the best European car, and the best model becomes the model that has collected the most votes. When selecting the 2023 winner, the first-placed Avenger scored 328 points, 87 points ahead of the second-placed model.

Alberto Sabbatini, vice president of the organization that organizes this competition, commented after the event: “Jeep Avenger proved to be the perfect combination for many users: it is compact and agile in the city, has enough power and torque to take on any road, and good mileage even for medium distance travel. Although it is only 4.08 meters long, there is plenty of space inside. This is a full-fledged car, not only for the city. And above all, it has an impressive design.”

Many kilometers for a low price

This model won many awards not only for its exceptional appearance and practical solutions typical of this manufacturer’s models, but also for its excellent electric drive characteristics. In order to reduce electricity consumption as much as possible, great attention was paid to the aerodynamic properties, efficiency of the engine and battery, and the weight of the components. The starting point was the lightweight and efficient eCMP2 electric vehicle platform of the Stellantis group, for which as many as 600 components were modified during the development of the Avenger. This made it possible to ensure one of the best aerodynamic efficiency in the class and achieve a car weight of only 1500 kg.

The result of this careful work is just 15.4 kWh/100 km electricity consumption according to the WLTP cycle. The installed optimal battery with a capacity of 54 kWh allows this electric car to drive up to 400 km in mixed mode and up to 550 km in the city. The 100 kW charging capability allows the battery to be charged from 20 to 80 percent in just 24 minutes. The electrical system was tested in extreme conditions: the electric car was tested in temperatures from thirty degrees of cold to forty degrees of heat.

The price of “Avenger” in Lithuania starts from 38,990 EUR, and the model of the highest “Summit” configuration will cost 43,990 EUR, so companies can benefit from the VAT deduction, and individuals can benefit from the support provided by APVA.

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