Electric SUVs should be launched in 2022

When it comes to statements from Fisker, I am generally a little more skeptical, because people tend to exaggerate a bit. Indeed after a long time back and forth The series version of the first electric car is finally ready, the Ocean presented in 2020, fest.

Fisher Ocean starts at $ 37,499

It starts at $ 37,499 for the single-engine version, which then comes with 200 kW (front-wheel drive) and a range of around 400 km. There are also two other dual-motor versions: Fisker Ocean Ultra and Fisker Ocean Extreme.


Fisker Ocean Front

The ultra model has a range of approx. 550 km and has 400 kW, the extreme version is slightly faster and goes a little further. A one edition is also planned, which offers the maximum equipment at the price of the extreme edition (is limited).

Deliveries are scheduled to start in the USA at the beginning of 2022, where you can reserve a version. Specific details about the global market launch are still pending, but the Fisker Ocean will also launch in Germany at some point.

Fisker Ocean Heck

So next year another competitor will start with an electric car and we will finally get an electric SUV again, which are really still in short supply at the moment. There are more details on the official website of Fisker.

Apple reportedly plans to bring electric cars to market around 2025

Apple Car Elektro Auto Header

Apple Car Elektro Auto Header

The rumors about an electric car from Apple do not go silent, which is certainly due to the fact that there is something to the project. Apple itself cannot keep this a secret, after all, they regularly hire new employees from the automotive industry. Car project …19. November 2021 READ NOW →

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