Elektrum Lietuva: In December, the price of electricity in Lithuania increased by 66 percent. | Business

In the Baltic States, the hourly rate in December ranged from 15.64 to 1000.07 Eur / MW.

In December, the average price of the Nord Pool system was 147.18 Eur / MWh, an increase of 75% compared to November, and reached a new average monthly price level, the highest in the history of the Nordic electricity market in 1996.

“The sharp rise in electricity prices in the Nord Pool region has been driven by a number of factors. One of the most important is the weather conditions. Due to the significant drop in air temperature, the demand for electricity in the entire region increased by 11% in December compared to the same period of the previous year, ”says Martynas Giga, Director of the electricity supply company Elektrum Lietuva. According to him, the volume of electricity production was 8 percent. higher than in 2020 in December and 12 percent. higher than in November last year. The amount of electricity generated by wind farms was volatile in December, but it grew by 7% compared to the previous month.

The rise in electricity prices was also caused by a sharp rise in the prices of natural gas and emission allowances. In December, the filling level of hydro tanks in the Nordic countries decreased by 4% compared to November. and was 11 percent. lower than normal.

Last month, the increase in electricity prices in the Baltic States was also influenced by 26 percent. lower energy flows from Finland, as well as just 3%. higher flows from the Swedish SE4 trade area. Only energy flows from Russia increased more than in the previous month – by 34 percent.

Electricity production and consumption grew in Lithuania

Due to colder weather, the Baltic region consumed a total of 2,797 GWh of electricity in December, up 9 percent. more than 2020 in December. The highest growth of electricity consumption was found in Lithuania – 1235 GWh of electricity was consumed here, ie 11 percent. more than 2020 in December. In Latvia, electricity consumption increased by 8% compared to the same period in 2020. period; consumed 704 GWh. Estonia consumed 858 GWh of electricity in December, ie 9%. more.

The last one in 2021. In the first half of 2020, the volume of electricity production in the Baltic States grew by 29% compared to 2020. in December, and 31% compared to December 2021. November – a total of 1824 GWh of electricity was generated. In December, electricity production in Lithuania increased by 11% compared to November – 390 GWh was produced. In Latvia, electricity production was 58% in December. higher than in November, 667 GWh was produced. Estonia produced 768 GWh of electricity last month, up 24 percent. more than in November.

In December, the total ratio of electricity production and consumption in the Baltic States increased by 65% ​​compared to November. Lithuania produced 32 percent. The country needs electricity, Latvia – 95 percent, Estonia – 89 percent.

The increase in the amount of water last month also contributed to the growth of Latvenergo AB’s hydropower production, which was 51 percent. higher than in November. A total of 246 GWh of electricity was produced in December. Compared to November, the electricity production of Latvenergo AB’s thermal power plants almost doubled, producing a total of 292 GWh of electricity. The increase in Latvenergo’s NPP production volume was mainly due to market demand.


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