Elementary school students create “nostalgic” game consoles, highly simulated classic mobile games, and resonate with the Internet|Japanese elementary kids create’nostalgic Game Boy’ with cardboard box

A creative child in Japan managed to make a rudimentary Mario game boy from a cardboard box and his own drawings. (Photos courtesy of @twinkeepingat1/Twitter)

[Look at CP to learn English]The handheld Game Boy launched by Nintendo in the past used to accompany countless people in their childhoods. Some even spent a lot of money on different styles of game consoles after they grew up, just to relive the happy old days.

Nintendo’s handheld classic Game Boy is part of countless people’s childhood memories, and some even grow up to spend a great deal just to buy various types of games for the sake of reminiscing.

Japanese netizen やん (yan) often shares his family life with everyone on Twitter. What is striking is that his twin sons like to DIY all kinds of toys. Recently, he posted on Twitter that, One of his sons, A, even made his own old style Game Boy, which surprised him very much.

A Japanese social media user, nicknamed Yan, often shares his family life on Twitter. One thing that makes his content different is his twin sons’ passion for DIY toys.

He recently posted a video of one of his sons playing on a handmade Game Boy, surprising even himself.

In the film, son A uses a cardboard box to cut into the size of a game machine, and the game screen is “Mario”, the first level is actually drawn by himself, plus the operating mechanism of his own design, so that the freeze frame is like a kaleidoscope. It became lifelike, let やん(yan) call out “It’s too spectacular.”

In the video, the son cut out a cardboard box cut into the size of a game boy, and the first level of the game screen for “Mario” was actually drawn by himself.

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This is coupled with his own design for the background of the game. By scrolling the stationary images to the side and controlling his homemade avatar, it appears exactly like the Mario game of the old days, leading Yan to exclaim ” this is too spectacular!”

The post immediately resonated with Japanese netizens, “I also have one in my house! But yours seems to be more fun”, “My childhood was actually made”, “The child’s hands are too clever”, “If it is sold, I will I will definitely buy it”, “It can be used as a family heirloom.”

The post immediately resonated with Japanese social media users with some saying “I have one at home, but yours seems to be more fun.”

Others praised the child for his deftness at recreating the classic game many commented that they would happily buy the game should it go on the market.

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