Eleven Strava records in a single outing for Wout van Aert!

Australians definitely have quite a flair. No sooner had the Belgian delegation set foot Down Under in the middle of last week than the head of social networks for this World Championship already sounded the alarm: “We can all forget our KOM guys, the Belgians have landed…”

A short message with typically Aussie humor referring to the records that cyclists are chasing through the Strava platform on previously identified sections. Tuesday, during the longest training outing (226 kilometers swallowed at an average of 36.1 km / h) that he has imposed on himself since arriving at the other end of the globe, Wout van Aert thus became the King Of the Mountain (hence the abbreviation KOM) over… eleven segments.

The Antwerp resident, for example, climbed Appian Road Climb (1.7km at 4.4% average) 7 seconds faster than the previous record or completed Old Princes Highway (a section of 18 kilometers) at an average speed of 49.7km/h . Supersonic times that panicked Strava’s radars. The Californian platform has thus decided to erase the brands of the Belgian, considering them as ‘non-standard’. “It’s true that Wout completed part of the outing behind my scooter”breathed coach Sven Vanthourenhout with a smile.

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