Elie Semoun traumatized: “I almost died” at Fort Boyard (video)

Elie Simon gave an interview to the RTL France program On refait la télé, whose remarks were relayed by Gala. The actor returned to his participation in Fort Boyard, France 2’s test game Game present by Olivier Remind. The actor participated in the new version of the show and the least we can say is that this experience is significant.I think I almost died, but I managed. I was very afraid.

Elie Simon spoke of a particular moment: le looping. “They made me do something the bastards. They put me on a bar, you know les trucs de pompier en fer. I had a little crossbar to hang on to (…) Ils made me go twenty meters above the ground and then afterI had to do a loop. While I was back, I had to see a number, give it.

But the comedian admits having, despite everything, “had fun doing this show“.

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