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Elimination X Factor 2018: who are the two competitors at risk in the Semifinal and who will not arrive in the Final.
Who will have to leave X Factor 2018 this evening? It's going on the air Semifinal of X Factor 2018 and i competitors they are giving battle with two heats. The first sees the six competitors remaining in the race at XF12 sing songs chosen by them, only later we will see the boys perform with the songs assigned to them by judges Lodo Guenzi, Manuel Agnelli, Fedez and Mara Maionchi. At the end of the two heats we will see the boys suffering a double elimination and only 4 of them will enter the Final. But who will leave X Factor 2018 in the Semifinal?

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First Eliminated X Factor 2018: the competitor who leaves the race

After the first round dedicated to the My Song in which the contestants have sung the songs chosen by them we have discovered the less voted boy, that is who has to leave immediately the Semifinal of X Factor 2018. The first eliminated of XF12 one step of the Semifinal is Martina Attili.

Second Eliminated X Factor 2018: the competitor who leaves the race

At the end of the second run we also discovered the name of the second competitor of X Factor 2018 having to leave the race one step away from the Final. Leo Gassmann ended up against Luna Melis on the ballot. The last word to the judges who call tilt and the public has eliminated Leo Gassmann.

Eliminated Semifinal X Factor 2018

There Semifinal of X Factor it was severe because after the first heat with My Song the first one was eliminated. In the second phase with the songs assigned by the judges there will be a second one eliminated. Fedez and Lodo Guenzi they feared particularly as they remained with only one competitor, but in the end they left the program Martina Attili of Manuel Agnelli and Leo Gassmann of Mara Maionchi.

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