Elite Cup|Jiezhi breaks the undefeated recruit in the southern zone, Chen Zhaojun, reserve teammate of Gezan to add momentum (19:02)-20211003-Sports-News

Jiezhi defeated the Standard Rangers in the Elite Cup and opened the door to victory this season. This game faces the undefeated three previous games in the southern zone with midfielder Ju Yingzhi’s defiance. The “Blue Jays” took the lead in the first 5 minutes with Ernst & Young Jia to receive a corner kick. Set a record and scored his first goal this season. There was a controversy in the 24th minute. Jiezhi goalkeeper Paul came out to the top of the penalty zone and kicked off the southern striker Xia Zhiming, but the ball was only shown a yellow card. Four minutes after the Blue Jays changed sides, star “Black Mountain Iba” Dan Nuyu made another victory and scored 3 consecutive games. In the southern zone and later, Jiezhi was replaced by Zheng Zhanlong. Jiezhi switched to the newly joined Hong Kong football midfielder Chen Zhaojun in 76 minutes, and then met the old club who had played for one and a half seasons, but Jiezhi did not increase the record and maintained 2 :0 Ended. The Oriental Dragons and Lions, Liwen, Kitchee and the Southern Division all scored 7 points, and the East played one less game; the Blue Jays will face Jinfeng next Saturday.

Chen Zhaojun confirmed to join Jiezhi last Wednesday, and completed the registration in time for 18 minutes in this battle. He admitted that his participation was not sufficient, and hoped to regain good momentum and strengthen the tacit understanding with his teammates. He said: “This class of teammates are the most professional players in my career for many years. The facilities of the major clubs help players perform to their best. Dan is very advanced, Barna and Ernst & Young are both strong and hope to have more chances to cooperate with them in the future.” The 29-year-old midfielder said that since playing for Hefu Dapu, he has played in recent seasons. The JQ Club is relatively low-requirement. When I came to Jiezhi, I can’t afford to lose my bid, and I can promote my own progress. “I actually came here to work as a job. This job goal is not only to mark a part of the competition,” In the future, I also hope to play in the international tournament (Hong Kong Football) again.”

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