Elizabeth II, the record monarch: at 94, she overcame confinement, weathered Brexit and Megxit, and is the most popular of British royalty

The Queen isabel II ended 2020 stronger than ever. On the throne for 68 years, the 94-year-old monarch, far from abdicating, live its most glorious hours.

Without suffering wear and tear after the long process that led to the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union, has an overwhelming approval of 83%. The British love her, perhaps like never before.

What is the formula that made this woman able to stay on the throne for so long and seem not to suffer the consequences – and a logical wear – of the passage of time? Evidently his personality and his astute way of handling different matters had a lot to do with it..

Although the year that has just ended was very difficult for everyone due to the coronavirus pandemic, Isabel, who must have been locked up like millions of people around the world, came out strengthened.

“In the UK and around the world, people have been able to cope with the challenges and difficulties of this year and this fills me with pride. I would like to thank the young people in particular for the role they have played”He said in his traditional Christmas speech.

This Christmas was the first in almost four decades that the Queen did not pass her residence at Sandringham, as usual, but remained in the castillo de Windsor, together with the Duke of Edinburgh, as he has done since the pandemic broke out.

This means that he has not been able to reunite with the rest of his family due to restrictions that exist in the United Kingdom and that keep much of the country practically confined.

Faced with this circumstance, the monarch remembered all the people who, for one reason or another, have lost a loved one in recent months or who are spending these dates alone.

For many, this year will be tinged with sadness. Some will regret the loss of someone they loved, while others will miss their friends and family because they are away from them for safety, when the only thing we really all want at this time is a hug or to shake hands “, he claimed.

If you are one of them, I want you to know that you are not alone and that my condolences and prayers are with you”, He concluded.

His most difficult years

1992 and 1997 were two of his most difficult years on the throne without a doubt. In the first, when she had been queen for 40 years, she celebrated her so-called Ruby Jubilee with a solemn speech. There he surprised with the expression “dose horribilis”. With those words, he recognized that the year had been very difficult for him.

In 1992, two of her four children (Andrés and Ana) had divorced. Furthermore, Windsor Castle, his favorite residence, had suffered a serious fire. And, as if that were not enough, Prince Charles was on the front pages of all the newspapers and Lady Di took revenge on her husband by recounting his miseries in a serialized autobiography.

Five years later his “annus horribilis 2” would arrive, with the fatal accident of Lady Di in the tunnel of the Soul in Paris, with only 36 years. The Queen was overwhelmed by the tremendous impact of the news on her people and the whole world.

He never forgave Prime Minister Tony Blair who has nicknamed Diana as “the princess of the people.” One sign of that rancor is that he has yet to bestow any of the honors with which British statesmen are distinguished.

That surely was the most difficult moment of the long reign of Elizabeth II because with the news of the death of Diana seemed to have lost that thing so precious to the monarchy: the bond with the people.

The recuperation

If Isabel II had something, it was the ability to overcome that negative image that flooded the Crown in those years’ 90.

Just over 20 years after the death of Lady Di, in this 2020 that has just ended, with the coronavirus that hit the United Kingdom hard, the popularity of the Queen is through the roof. According to YouGov, the main demoscopic firm in the country, Elizabeth II is the most valued figure of the Royal Family, with 83% approval and only 12% rejection.

She is followed by her grandson William, with an 80% positive image. On the side of those with the worst image are Meghan Markle, with 59% rejection, and Prince Andrew, who only receives the approval of 7% of the population after being splattered by the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Another important fact that makes the Queen even stronger is that 55% of the British consider that the monarchy is “good for the United Kingdom”, compared to 27% who reject it.

The merit of becoming strong in 2020

End 2020 with his popularity through the roof and with great support for the monarchy It is meritorious because the year was not easy for the Crown.

The first headache for Elizabeth II was in January, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan unexpectedly announced that they were resigning from their royal roles and they moved to the United States. Although the Queen publicly stated that she “supported” the decision, it was an unexpected and hard blow for her.

The second impact of the year was to suffer the pandemic closely, since there were two infections in the family: Carlos and Guillermo. In March, Isabel went to take refuge in Windsor, where she continues today. There she is with her husband and a minimum essential staff, in order to avoid contagion.

Despite having to be locked up, The Queen remained active with different events by video call. Although in 2019 the sovereign maintained 295 public commitments, surpassing her children and grandchildren; in the year of the pandemic they have fallen to 133, of which 71 were virtual.


In a year in which the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union was consolidated, Isabel’s position on Brexit was not explicitly disclosed. He did not want to compromise his required constitutional neutrality on such a divisive issue for British society.

The House of Lords on Wednesday endorsed the agreement that will regulate relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, and hours later, the head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, also signed the agreement, turning it into law and ending a year of frantic negotiations.

The agreement concluded its parliamentary procedure in a single day and without opposition in the Upper House. After the actual signing, the law entered into force before 11:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 31, when the Brexit transition period ended.

The covid-19 vaccine

The Queen will receive the vaccine in the coming weeks Pfizer-BioNTech, which has already obtained the green light from the British health authorities.

The 94-year-old sovereign and her husband, Prince Philip, 99, they will be vaccinated soon because of their age and not because of preferential treatmentsaid the Mail on Sunday.

According to the newspaper, the two will reveal that they have been given the vaccine to “encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated”, Amid fears that anti-vaccine activists sow doubts in the population.

The UK approved the coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech laboratories for a vaccination campaign that began among the oldest and most vulnerable people.


Queen Elizabeth II will soon be vaccinated against covid-19

Pfizer cut production and the UK terminated a group that had priority to get vaccinated against the coronavirus

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