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Support for socially disadvantaged citizens


In the community of Ellefeld, the traditional fundraising campaign “Ellefelder help Ellefeldern” started on the 1st of Advent – due to corona under difficult conditions. Because the municipal office, where donations have always been accepted, is actually closed. “Of course we like to open up for people who want to donate,” says Mayor Jörg Kerber. “You can also register by phone.” Otherwise there is always the option of transferring money. Otherwise, the money was also collected on the occasion of the Christmas concert and the senior citizens’ Christmas – both events are canceled. “I hope that there will still be about as much money as in previous years,” said Kerber.

According to the municipality, 3500 euros were collected last year. According to this, 43 private individuals, three companies or entrepreneurs and three associations donated in 2019, plus the proceeds from the donation box of the events mentioned. 22 families and 16 single people with 59 children were supported. The help goes to people who otherwise can hardly afford Christmas presents. The collection will take place until December 16th. (bap)

The donation account At Sparkasse Vogtland, Iban has DE17 8705 8000 3520 0001 12, BIC: WELADED1PLX.

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