Ellen Degeneres fires producers from her popular talk show after fuss over a diseased atmosphere: what’s going on?

Nikkie de Jager made her statements about Ellen in the talk show “The world turns by” on Dutch television, but they reached the international press in no time. Other guests and especially ex-employees of the program also opened a book.

An ex-employee told The New York Post in May“Is she always nice? No. It annoys me that people always think she’s nice and cared for and that she can get away with it,” he said. stank “or didn’t eat gum before talking to her.

The problem would not be so much Ellen herself, but the whole work environment. That appears from testimonials from ten former and one current employee BuzzFeed last month. They mention the working atmosphere toxic, poisonous, diseased. Some said they were reprimanded or fired for calling in sick or attending a loved one’s funeral on a workday. Bullying would be a problem, as would racism and upper management intimidation.

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