Ellen DeGeneres says sorry for unsafe working atmosphere, ‘leadership is being replaced’

American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has apologized for the unsafe working atmosphere at its editorial and studio level. In a letter to the staff owned by Variety, the comedian says sorry to anyone who has not had good experiences with her program.

Producer Warner Bros has announced an internal investigation into the working climate at DeGeneres. According to the BBC Several employees are fired because “management shortcomings” have been demonstrated. Variety writes that an executive producer has been immediately taken to the streets.

DeGeneres has been under fire for several weeks because behind the scenes of her program there is allegedly systematic racism, intimidation and a “sick atmosphere”. The American news site Buzzfeed spoke to several (former) employees about her way of working. For example, an employee would have been fired for taking days off to attend a family member’s funeral.

The popular The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been on the tube since 2003. In the Netherlands, RTL broadcasts the talk show. In January the Dutch youtuber NikkieTutorials guest on the talk show to talk about her coming out as a transgender. Afterwards she also looked with little pleasure back to the performance. This is not what DeGeneres would have imagined beforehand.

Place of joy

Several talk show executives were also in articles by Buzzfeed under fire. In her letter, DeGeneres writes that she trusted them, but is now more actively committed to ensuring that everyone feels safe.

In her letter, the presenter goes back to the beginning of her talk show. “On the first day, I said to everyone that my show would be a source of joy. Everyone would always be treated with respect. I’m sad that it didn’t work out.”

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Later in the letter, DeGeneres emphasizes that she owes her popularity to all her employees. She hopes to resume success after the corona crisis and see everyone again.

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