Ellie actress defends the end of The Last Of Us 2

Have critics The Last of Us Part 2 praised since launch, though the game’s storyline leaked months before release. Many fans weren’t very enthusiastic about the game’s narrative, which led to a huge backlash on the Internet, metacritical verification bombs, and death threats against the people who worked on the game. Despite the criticism, Naughty Dog believes the story of the game was the right choice, and now the actress who played Ellie is defending the end.

This post contains spoilers for The Last of Us Part 2.

The Last of Us Part 2 changes some things from its predecessor and lets players take the role of Ellie much longer than in the first part. After Joel was murdered right before Ellie’s eyes, she sets off to take revenge on those who have wronged her. The player follows Ellie on her way through Seattle, Washington to hunt responsible members of the WLF. The game is dark and brutal until the very last moments when Ellie decides to make a change.

Ashley JohnsonEllie is playing speaks in The Last of Us podcast about how Ellie’s choice was right at the end of the game. “She [Ellie] knows that she made the right choice … she decided to stop hating and stop harming people. ”Johnson refers to Ellie, who appears to choose to break a cycle of violence, one of the main themes of the game. At the end of The Last of Us Part 2, Ellie decides to end her revenge mission and leave the scene to another polarizing character, Abby. When Ellie realizes that killing Abby doesn’t bring Joel back and that it only continues a cycle of hatred, she withdraws.

Johnson continues: “At least she realized that killing Abby would not necessarily cure the pain she had from losing Joel and now she has to figure out how to overcome this experience. Johnson added that “the crux of the video game” is about “when does the cycle end?” And whether justice justifies certain actions.

The fans were critical of the decisions in The Last of Us Part 2, especially regarding Abby. Some fans even went so far as to have Abby’s actress Sent death threats. Laura Bailey, Abby’s voice, shared a tweet to showcase the terrible things players have sent her since the game’s launch. Neil Druckmann, Director of The Last of Us Part 2, defended Bailey and said she had “none of this [Belästigung] deserves “and that those who send harassing messages should” get the mental help they need so clearly “.

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