Ellynora sang England’s national anthem – apologies

Published: 24 mars

Updated: 24 mars

Artist Ellynora was accused of “butchering” the English national anthem.

Afterwards, she burst into tears and blamed a technical failure.

– I am so angry, she says.

The Italian-American singer Ellynora had the honor of performing the English national anthem “God Save The King” before England’s European Championship qualifier against Italy yesterday.

It went … like that.

The pop star fell out of step immediately and the England players looked to be wondering what was going on as the performance turned into a farce.

Ellynora was then subjected to a storm of criticism on social media and was accused of having “slaughtered” the national anthem.

“Already too late”

After the match came the explanation.

Artist Ellynora during the national anthem.
Artist Ellynora during the national anthem.

The fiasco was due to a technical breakdown.

– There was a mess with the consultation. The music restarted in my ear and I fell completely out of sync and never found my way back to the right rhythm. I really tried to deal with the problem and get to grips with it, but by then it was already too late, says Ellynora Daily Mail.

“Had practiced”

The English newspaper was the only one allowed to speak with her after the match and states that she was so devastated by the breakdown that she burst into tears.

– I am so angry, because I had really practiced and wanted this to be perfect. I would like to apologize to all the English fans who were in the stadium and to everyone who watched the game on TV. I am devastated that it turned out like this and want people to know that I did not do this on purpose out of disrespect, she says.

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