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Elmo from Sesame Street now has its own program «kleinezeitung.at

Anyone who makes it into the American evening as a TV host is right at the top of the US entertainment sky. Now a hairy monster has his first talk show: Elmo from Sesame Street.

9:36 a.m., May 22, 2020

Elmo from Sesame Street © (c) AP (Richard appointments)

On Thursday, the first episode of the “Not Too Late Show” – the “not so late” late-night program – was broadcast in advance on the streaming service Youtube.

Elmo wore a suit and tie over his red fur – as it should be for real talk show hosts – and started his late night career with a magic trick. In the premiere, he invited the Jonas Brothers to his studio and measured himself with the band in grimaces. Of course, the Jonas Brothers also sang a song with the show’s own monster band – it was about brushing your teeth. Meanwhile, Ernie and Bert worked backstage as technicians. The “Not Too Late Show” will be shown in the USA from May 27th at the video provider HBO Max.

With Elmo, the new evening series for children has one of the most popular monsters on Sesame Street as the main characters. Also included are Oskar from the garbage can or the cookie monster. Before the show started, Elmo had to put up with criticism from colleague and “Late Show” moderator Stephen Colbert because of the strikingly similar name: “I see that you are copying me,” Colbert said in a video with Elmo. However, the monster promised not to snatch any viewers away from it. He had to be in bed at 7:30 p.m. anyway.


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