Elon Musk begins to speak Russian after the Crew Dragon docking at the ISS


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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk replied in Russian to the British congratulatory message posted on Twitter by a Russian on the successful capture of the Crew Dragon capsule at the International Space Station, which took place on 3 March.

Elon Musk, Head of SpaceX, replied in Russian on his Twitter account to congratulations from a Russian on the successful capture of the Crew Dragon capsule at the International Space Station (ISS) that was held this Sunday, March 3.

"Thank you for your kind words!", He wrote.

The woman wrote that it was unlikely that Dmitry Rogozin, general manager of Roscosmos, a state-owned enterprise for space activities, and that Roscosmos would have complimented SpaceX for this event. That's why he decided to express his wishes on behalf of the "space fans of Russia".

Previously, Roscosmos praised NASA for successfully installing an American capsule at the ISS, the company's press service said in Sputnik. "Our state-owned enterprise welcomes the development of mutual relations in the field of space exploration and expresses the certainty that this collaboration will be deepened," said the press service.

The Russian private space company S7 Space, owner of Sea Launch, a satellite launch service, has published a congratulatory message to SpaceX on its Facebook page. "Congratulations to SpaceX for successfully launching the Dragon Crew capsule and securing it to the ISS, a new era of space flight has begun"we read in the message.

After connecting the Dragon 2 capsule to the ISS, the alarm siren triggered the detection of a failure of the Elektron oxygen generation system in the Russian Zvezda module, which proved to be false, the ISS crew announced. The alarm was triggered by changes to the configuration after the capsule had been immobilized.



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