Elon Musk got rid of his shackles: the Tesla exchange rate burst again

There are a lot of people who don’t care that how much value Tesla has created from scratch over the past two decades, how many cars it has sold, how many people it employs – now increasingly in Europe, how much greenhouse gas emissions it has saved and how much customer satisfaction it has achieved. But perhaps even they were interested in the fact that Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, would have a good chance of breaking up with her current partner again. He has a big routine in this, as he has already had three divorces, setting a record for the legendary Good Friends protagonist, Ross Geller. But while the latter had taken the love of his life twice, Musk not only repeated this, but he also twice divorced actress Talulah Riley, who by the way was named Westworld. in a mid-level mock sci-fi soap opera he was featured in the exciting AI drama series. Perhaps the founder of Tesla took the idea to make humanoid robots from him. We hope that his current breakup from musician Claire Boucher will not inspire any new innovation.


What will happen to Musk’s private life and who will see the barely one-and-a-half-year-old child named X Æ A-12, we can’t be sure of, but obviously those who are really important to the company, meaning fortunately investors aren’t really interested. Confidence has gradually returned to the stock market, on the part of medium- and short-term speculators, but in the greatest time span, the most loyal participants never left the market. Tesla’s long-term chart clearly shows that the exchange rate is still on an uptrend, certainly for more patient investors. Although the exchange rate even struggled with the 200-day moving average (usually marked in red) in the spring after the January peak, it was already clear during the summer that institutional investors and probably the well-known part of the population were happy to collect shares when the price he fell near him.

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The consequence was an acceleration of the trend and a smoothing of the exchange rate to the long-term moving average.

This is what the article is about:

  • What can we expect from Tesla’s exchange rate in the medium term?
  • Is the downward trend in the XL Fleet market still going on?
  • How much comes into the stock market, the less sports car Fisker?
  • What is the graph of the bubble car Canoo?
  • Are Lucid Motors investors vigilant enough?

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