Elon Musk is once again in search of "Nuke Mars" – BGR


If there is one thing you can say about Elon Musk is that he has never lacked ambition. He founded a series of successful companies and with SpaceX he advanced science by lowering the cost of entry for satellite launches and opening up new possibilities for researchers.

He also apparently made his life's mission to turn a human colony on Mars into reality, and he insists that it is possible to make Mars very similar to Earth as long as we can unlock the carbon dioxide trapped in the ice, in the rock. and in the Martian soil. Scientists are not entirely in agreement with this line of thinking, but a new tweet from Musk suggests that it is once again ready to claim that "nuking Mars" is a good idea.

Musk's tweet is a reference to the theory that by dropping one or more large bombs on the poles of Mars, the CO2 trapped in the ice would be released, giving the Martian atmosphere a much needed boost:

Mars has a very thin atmosphere today, but is less than one percent thicker than Earth's. Making the atmosphere of the planet more dense could help it retain heat and bring it closer to the habitability of human settlers. However, previous research has suggested that bombing the planet's poles would not release enough CO2 to be worth it. Elon Musk is not publicly agreed.

It is not clear why the boss of SpaceX has decided to shoot everything, but he has the habit of saying that whatever you think will have a great reaction on Twitter. Oh, and apparently he hopes to do it sell some shirts also.

In any case, no space agency is even ready to begin preliminary planning for a manned Mars mission, much less any long-term effort to change the climate of the Red Planet. If this happens, the bombs may or may not play a role. Meanwhile, scientists will probably find that throwing nuclear bombs on other planets is a bad idea.

Image source: NASA / JPL-Caltech



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