Elon Musk is unable to speak at the APEC summit due to his anti-Jewish comments

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The richest businessman in the world, Elon Musk, has missed the opportunity to speak at the business summit of the Asia-Pacific Cooperation Forum Business Forum, which is being held today in San Francisco and whose most notable news has been the summit’ between the American presidents, Joe Biden, and Chinese presidents, Xi Jinping held yesterday.

Musk was scheduled to participate in a debate on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at a quarter to five in the afternoon (a quarter to two in the morning Spanish peninsular time) with the CEO of the ‘cloud’ and online services giant Salesforce, Marc Beniot . But the organization has decided, without any explanation, replace Musk with the special envoy of Joe Biden against climate change, John Kerry. Kerry’s experience in AI is, as far as we know, close to zero, although the topic of the talk has not changed.

Musk’s fall could be due to his support for a tweet with a marked xenophobic tone and anti-Jewish message posted on Wednesday by an anonymous user of his social network The message read, “OK. Jewish communities have been pushing for the same kind of dialectical hatred toward whites that they say they don’t want people to use against them.

“I am profoundly uninterested in giving a shit about how Western Jewish communities feel now that they are realizing that they are not liked by those hordes of minorities they want to flood our countries.”

Musk responded: “You have spoken the honest truth.”

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