Elon Musk: "I've never smoked marijuana, I can not smoke anything" – RT en Español


At the beginning of September, Space X and Tesla founder was seen in a podcast while drinking whiskey and even smoking a marijuana cane mixed with tobacco.

Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, said: "I've never smoked marijuana, I can not smoke anything." He said this during an interview broadcast on Sunday in the program "60 Minutes", produced by the American television channel CBS, despite the fact that last September he was seen doing it.

At the beginning of that month, while conversing with the American comedian Joe Rogan, the founder of Space X and TeslaHe drank whiskey and even smoked a can of marijuana mixed with tobacco. The speech, recorded by the comedian, was broadcast on the Internet and generated a major controversy on the Internet, especially in American society.

During that meeting, the presenter scolded Musk for impulsiveness which sometimes manifests itself in the form of posts on Twitter. The billionaire replied that "he used Twitter for express yourself"and that Tesla's success was a testimony to its maximum stability.


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