Elon Musk says that there is a 70% chance that he will personally go to Mars

Even if life on Mars would be doubtful, Elon Musk would go without hesitation.
Photo: Chris Carlson (AP)

Elon Musk believes that there are good chances that he will go to Mars personally in one of his spaceships before he dies. However, do not imagine that the rich line up to buy their tickets to go to Mars. Life will be very difficult, says Musk, and there will not be much free time.

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In an interview with Axios on HBO, The CEO of SpaceX claims to be very enthusiastic about the progress that his company has recently related to travel on Mars. Musk said tickets to go to the red planet would cost a few hundred thousand dollars.

However, he challenged the idea that trips to Mars would be like an escape door for the rich. Life on Mars will not be easy, Musk said, since the chances of dying on the planet are much higher than on Earth. He compared his trips to Mars with those made by the explorer Ernest Shackleton when he launched shipments in the Antarctic in 1901.

"The probability that you die on Mars much higher than on Earth. In fact, advertising to go to Mars would be similar to that of [explorador inglés Ernest] Shackleton to go to Antarctica. Will be difficult. There is a good chance that you will die traveling in a small jar through deep space.

Perhaps you will land successfully. If you land successfully, you will work non-stop to build the base. So, you know, there is not much time for free time. And when you get there, after doing all this, [sigue siendo] a very hostile environment, so there is a good chance of dying there. We believe you can go back, but we're not sure.

Now, do you think it sounds like an escape door for the rich? "

However, despite all of the above, Musk still wants to go to Mars. It does so because it is a challenge.

"You know, there are a lot of people climbing mountains … Why do they climb mountains? People die on Mount Everest all the time," Musk said. "They like doing it for the challenge."

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SpaceX plans to complete its first Mars cargo transport mission in 2022. The objective of this first mission will be to confirm if there are water resources, identify risks and install energy infrastructure, mining activities and life support. . A second mission with cargo and crew is scheduled for 2024.

The plans of moss to colonize Mars have been criticized by some in the scientific community. In August, NASA stated that it was not possible to convert Mars into a habitable planet for humans in the near future with the technology available today. The agency cited a study by Bruce Jakosky, his principal investigator responsible for conducting the mission to study the atmosphere of the Red Planet.

Musk challenged the study and presented another one made by Chris McKay, a NASA researcher who says yes can create a living space for humans on Mars. In a few years we will see who is right.




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