Elsa Serrano, the iconic designer of the 90s, died tragically

As detailed, the apartment that caught fire is the third floor in the quiet part of the building, and it is unknown what caused the incident.

The lifeless body of a woman was found at the site. Experts determined that it is the renowned designer Elsa Serrano, as reported by the journalist Javier Diaz from Twitter.

“It does not look like an arson. Burns were seen on the body, clothes and hands,” Diaz indicated.

The latest public appearances of Elsa they were in the program “Cut & Dressmaking” which was broadcast on the Thirteen screen, Primicias Ya reported.


If there fashion Argentina in the 90s had a faithful representative that was Elsa serrano, who was born in Italy in 1947, moved to the country in 1955, where he settled for the rest of his life.

In 1968 she took her first steps as a designer and dressed important figures from the world of show business, art and politics.

She was responsible for two emblematic wedding dresses: that of Claudia Villafañe for her marriage to Diego Maradona and that of Susana gimenez for your wedding with Huberto Roviralta.

On the political level, he dressed Maria Lorenza Barreneche, wife of the former president Raúl Alfonsín. In addition, she took care of the clothes of. Zulemite Main for long years, while the daughter of Carlos Menem He accompanied the then president on his official tours.


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