“Elton John” surprises again, pulls “Charlie Puth” to join the jam on the new album.

Pop artist Elton John brings another surprise to Charlie Puth to create a soulful song “After All” on his new album, “The Lockdown Sessions,” due out Oct. 22. this ju.

After legendary artist Elton John released a single that invites everyone to dance to “Cold Heart” in collaboration with the hottest female singer of the era, “Dua” (Dua) Lipa) and Australian electronic producer “PNAU” collaborated to create the work. It has already spread to the fans of the music.

This time, Elton has teamed up with superstar artist Charlie Puth. The duo released the hit song “See You Again” from the soundtrack to the famous movie Fast And Furious 7. The two released their newest song “After All” for fans to listen to.

After All is a song that hides a deep meaning. That will be on the album “The Lockdown Sessions” which is the work of Elton John’s collaboration with many other famous artists. And it is an album with 16 songs that are diverse and exotic.

The album “The Lockdown Sessions” is scheduled to be released on October 22 via EMI Records.

Speaking of Elton and Charlie Puth, they met by chance in a restaurant at LA at the beginning of March 2020

while earlier Elton supported Charlie Puth’s song on the Apple Music Rocket Hour show. The two talked to each other and discovered that they lived nearby.

After that, as the COVID-19 situation eased, Charlie persuaded Elton to collaborate on “After All,” the first work the duo completed during lockdown.

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Elton John reveals Charlie is a great musician. we get along well He became a friend of mine and a friend of my family, everyone I worked with during lockdown. we are closer it is very good

“For After All, Charlie and I were in the studio. He has a small house equipped with keyboards, synths and professional tools. I played the electric piano and finished writing the song Charlie. He finished writing the song very quickly. We really have amazing chemistry in the studio,” Elton said.

Charlie Puth added, As a songwriter, Elton John is someone I’ve admired and admired my entire life. It’s amazing how every time he sits down at the piano. melodies and chords It was like coming out of him right away.

“I saw it when we wrote this song together. He is a world-class artist and a real music genius. To be part of his musical journey is like a dream come true,” Charlie said.

Legendary artist Elton John (Photo from: Page Elton John)
Elton John and Charlie Puth both made an appearance at The Global Citizen event in Paris on September 25, a 24-hour global charity.

The event brings together world-class artists and world leaders to protect our planet and overcome poverty. This is part of the Global Citizens campaign, a plan to restore the world from COVID-19. end people’s hunger and create equality for all

The song After All shows a different side to an album with many styles. Both Elton John and Charlie Puth’s vocals blended with powerful ballads and the sound of an electric piano matched to a great song.

Elton John is one of the legendary artists of the era. He is the highest selling solo artist of all time. With 1 Diamond, 40 Platinum or Multi-Platinum and 23 Gold album, more than 50 songs with Top 40 hits.

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He also has sold more than 300 million copies worldwide, with “Candle in the Wind 1997” being the highest-selling song of all time with over 33 million copies. “Diamonds” The Ultimate Greatest Hits album, has been on the top 5 of the UK Album Charts in November 2017, and the album celebrates 50 years of his songwriter collaboration with Bernie Taupin, where he has performed around the world. Already more than 4,000 times in more than 80 countries since 1970.

In 2019, his autobiographical film “ME” and “Rocketman” and the musical “Elton John” were huge hits, selling over $200 million and winning a host of awards.


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