Elyas M'Barek in “The Perfect Secret”: Film Launch and Trailer


Als letters and diaries were still the tachographs of our lives, you had to spend some criminal energy to get behind the possible secret of your beloved neighbor.

For example, after reading the contents to cover up what has been done, stick a closed envelope over water vapor with something. In the end, it was not just artisanal awkward – well – shit.

Mobile phones want to be read

In contrast, tinkering the tachograph of our present life and thus our life his secret is children's stuff. He almost screams for it.

They lie around, humming, shining, ringing when there is anything new, when someone wants something new. You do not want to, by no means, but look.

If we had probably been spared a lot, we would have been stuck in the letter era. Quarrels, maybe even murders – but above all Dagtekins chamber comedy “The perfect secret”.

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Actor Elyas M'Barek

Dagtekin, main author of “Türkisch für Anfänger”, inventor and director of “Fack ju Göhte”. actually not that much for it. “The perfect secret” has been known for at least half the world for a good four years.

Paolo Genovese gathered men and women around a table for the first time in 2016 and played a game at a cozy, albeit lousy, dinner followed by a lunar eclipse observation. Goes something like “truth or duty”.

Hammer hit in Italy

All phones come to the table. Flight mode off. Ringtone. Every call is made loud, every text message read aloud.

That was a great hit in Italy. And because it was and original ideas in the so-called film industry are rare like secret mobile phone users, “Perfetti sconociutti” is likely to be the most revolting comedy in film history (a dozen dozen remakes). The secrets of the Circle of Friends are disclosed in India and in Turkey and South Korea.

In good spirits at a dinner together: Simon (Frederick Lau), Leo (Elyas M'Barek), Pepe (Florian David Fitz), Rocco (Wotan Wilke Möhring), Bianca (Jella Haase), Carlotta (Karoline Herfurth) and Eva (Jessica Black)

In good spirits at a dinner together: Simon (Frederick Lau), Leo (Elyas M'Barek), Pepe (Florian David Fitz), Rocco (Wotan Wilke Möhring), Bianca (Jella Haase), Carlotta (Karoline Herfurth) and Eva (Jessica Schwarz)

Source: © Lucia Faraig / Constantin Film Verleih GmbH

Result of a kind of plot franchising that is so successful because the story – slightly modified and adapted to regional customs and tastes like the menu of global burger roasters – works all over the world, you might see from indigenous peoples in the Amazon jungle from.

Friends since the schoolyard

So now gathered in a luxurious attic over Munich, tastefully decorated, full of books, illuminated as in a Bavarian coffee rooster advertising: Rocco and Eva, he cosmetic surgeon and sensitive father, she psychologist, which makes each room three degrees colder, she enters.

Carlotta and Leo, she as a careerist more or less alone among advertisers, he more or less as an ex-advertiser in parental leave more or less single parent with twins.

Bianca and Simon, she's all sun-kissing vet, he's taxi-riding job and relationship shopper; and Pepe, teachers with unsecured relationship status.

The boys have known each other since they were able to keep bow and arrow straight in the schoolyard. The women came at some point.

Now they are sitting there. Rocco cooked a lot and bad. You have to drink that nicely. The rest of the evening too.

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Which is only partly because alcohol should indeed be a truth drug, but rather because with the mobile phones to the bad tapas and the horrible chocolate chicken, of course, (almost) everything on the table, which so far kept safe between the boys and women was hidden in the data memory of cell phones.

“The perfect mystery” is – you guessed it – so to speak, the third derivative of Yasmina Rezas “God of slaughter”. The dining table has – at least on stage and in the cinema – replaced the couch as a place of psychological vivisection. One sits down, the rags fly, and in the end, all have become so transformed into the horror clown version of themselves that they can not face each other or themselves.

A little funny

That's usually how it works. If it's good and evil and funny and of course pretty sad and true. “The perfect secret” is a bit funny.

Maybe we'll start with the end. The perfect secret does not exist. That means: It has several, it does not find a right one for a long time. So long, until the German horror show got something, which is missing the other franchise films. A feel-good finale.

The clowns, who have mangled themselves, where nothing was sacred, in the end not even their friendship, wipe their fists – football plays in addition to various abdominal stories again and again – and continue.

Lie in our arms crying. True buddies stick together – even if they have shown themselves to be homophobic, misogyne assholes.

Which we would be with the women. Let's briefly summarize what women want: maybe not make a career at all, they long to be dams. Women are cheated by men. Women stay with their husbands. It is – exceptions confirm the rule – as in the fifties.

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The pictures have a matching all-dimming velvet shine. The dialogues are about as lively as Rocco's chocolate chicken. The paper is constantly rustling in the mouth of Wotan Wilke Möhring, Jessica Schwarz, Elyas M'Barek, Karoline Herfurth and the others.

The punch lines are more than they strike, they have a huge abdominal imbalance. Only Florian David Fitz (Pepe) and Jella Haase (Bianca) get something like veracity.

They are allowed to free themselves from the brash calculability, break out, go into depth and make of psychological wax figures approximately people.

Shipyard with tapas on the canvas

At some point, when everything seems to have been blown apart, the camera swings down from the balcony of the couple's therapist to the neighboring house. There is an old couple hugging each other, hugging each other. Looks like a pension insurance.

Everything sighs. At the latest since you want to throw tapas on the canvas. Who has none at hand: Tacos with cheese sauce do it too.

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