EM 2021, Football | Hjulmand after the Danes’ European Championship exit:

Denmark’s national team manager blames the referee for the fact that the Danish European Championship adventure ended in the semifinals at Wembley.

For Wednesday night, after the extra innings, there was a loss for England when Harry Kane put in a return on his own penalty kick and secured a 2-1 victory.

The fact that a penalty was awarded at all after Raheem Sterling fell within Denmark’s penalty area still created a lot of reactions.

– Do not tell me that the referee does not have in mind punishment / not punishment to Kane before – and decides to level. The problem then: He sentences crazy penalties, wrote Lars Tjærnås on Twitter.

Former England and Manchester City player Micah Richards also understood little when VAR did not reverse the decision.

– I think the judges and decisions in this championship have been fantastic, but I can not see why it is not reversed. I do not know if the audience played a role in it, because the roof lifted when Sterling went down. “I think the judges made a mistake here,” Richards told the BBC.

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– Simplicity can not see it

At the press conference after the match, the Danes’ national team manager Kasper Hjulmand also reacted.

He believes that the game should have been stopped before the decisive penalty situation because there was an extra ball on the field. At the same time, he also does not think that there was any criminal offense on Sterling after the contact with Joakim Mæhle and Mathias Jensen.

– Five seconds before Sterling ran past the extra ball, I was away at the fourth referee to report that there was too much ball on the court. On another occasion, they were quick to stop the game when there were two balls on the field, Hjulmand said at the press conference.

– You should not be able to run past an extra ball when it affects the game.

Hjulmand strongly disagrees with the judge’s assessment of what happened next.

– I simply can not see that it should be punishment. It was quite clear that he (Sterling) let his leg hang. I know what it sounds like after a loss, but I have that feeling, said Hjulmand.

– One thing is to lose, you have to endure it, but it is really annoying and a pity for the boys that it happened in this way. It was a bitter way to leave the tournament.

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Hjulmand further says that England was the best team in large parts of the semifinals. However, he is clear that the English could not decide without a helping hand.

– The penalty kick was the difference today. Otherwise it would be 1-1, and then no one can know what would happen (in the penalty shootout), he said.

– Must suit me for what I say

Martin Braithwaite also took part in the press conference after the match. He admits that it was bitter to break out of the European Championships that way.

– We are insanely disappointed now, because we really thought there was more to get. The way we lost makes it harder to cope. “I do not think it was fair,” said the Barcelona player.

– Home advantage can make a difference, and that was perhaps part of the reason why we did not win today. Now I’m not talking about the game, but I have to be careful what I say, he said with a poorly hidden allusion to the refereeing.

In any case, it was England who advanced to the final. Italy is waiting for Sunday.

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