"EM Strasbourg defends values ​​that resemble me"


In preparation, Axelle Dorisse had eyes only for the first 7. "My dream would have been to integrate Toulouse Business School or Kedge"she says. The competition law has decided otherwise. "After talking, I was admitted in four placesshe says. The highest ranked was the EM Strasbourg, which was … at 15is instead. "

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Disappointed, he once thought of khubber to try to get a better school. But her teachers dissuaded her. "For them, repetition was interesting only if we were not at its maximum potential, which was not my case"she explains. After many reflections, he followed their advice and did not regret.

" First, because Strasbourg is a safe and very pleasant city to live. Secondly, because EM of Strasbourg defends values ​​that resemble me: ethics, diversity, sustainable development. I have also become president of a student association that raises awareness on issues related to corporate social responsibility. Since I want to work in the field of ecology later, I really feel in my element. "


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