EMBARRASSED! The case of Brigadier J’s death is highlighted by foreign media, netizens poke the National Police Chief, Don’t let Sambo go free!

AYOSEMARANG.COM – The case of death Brigadier J which was masterminded by the former Head of the Propam Division, namely: Ferdy Sambo is currently crowded because it is getting attention from foreign media.

This, too, was invaded by netizens with various comments. Even based on the confession of a citizen through video uploads on the account TikTok hers @novianti_81.

Case related news Ferdy Sambo that is almost every day shown by foreign media that is Taiwan.

“Media Taiwan every day covering FS cases,” wrote the netizen who was quoted by the Ayosemarang.com team on Monday, September 19, 2022.

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This @novianti_81 account says that the police are not able to solve the case Ferdy SamboSo the dignity of the Indonesian police institution is at stake.

“If it doesn’t finish, it’s a shame that the news has gone international.” said the netizen.

Very in love, because the case Ferdy Sambo Until this moment, there is still no clear spot regarding the motive for the murder.

Known recently Police chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo confirms KKEP Appeal for Ferdy Sambo.

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