World Emergency meeting at NATO this Friday after the American...

Emergency meeting at NATO this Friday after the American decision

President Donald Trump at the White House May 11, 2020. – Alex Brandon / AP / SIPA

Towards new tensions between the United States and
Russia. The ambassadors of the member countries of
NATO were convened this Friday for an emergency meeting after
the announcement of the American withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty (Open Sky in English) because of its violation by Russia, we learned Thursday from diplomatic sources.

“The meeting was convened Friday afternoon” to analyze the consequences of the decision announced by President Donald Trump. “Russia has not respected the treaty,” said the US president. “So as long as they don’t respect it, we will withdraw,” he added.

“The withdrawal from the United States should be effective in six months,” said the same source.

The door to open negotiations

“Open Skies”, signed by 35 countries, makes it possible to check military movements and the arms limitation measures of the signatory countries by means of surveillance flights

Donald Trump has not shut the door on renegotiating the deal. “I think what is going to happen is that we are going to withdraw and they will come back and ask to negotiate a deal,” he said. “We have had very good relations recently with Russia.”

“Difficulties in applying the treaty”

The American decision is criticized within the Alliance “All the allies had asked the United States to remain a party to this treaty,” a diplomatic source said.

Germany on Thursday called on the United States to “reconsider” its decision to withdraw from the international Open Sky treaty. In a statement, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also asked Russia to comply fully with its obligations. “With our partners, we will invest so that the American government reconsider its decision,” said Heiko Maas, noting that France, Poland and the United Kingdom had “repeatedly” explained to Washington that the “difficulties of ‘application of the treaty on the side of Russia in recent years’ did not ‘justify’ a withdrawal.

The President has already withdrawn the United States from the Iranian nuclear program treaty and the INF treaty on medium-range land missiles.


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