Emile, the two-year-old boy who disappeared in France, was not alone with his grandparents

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Seeking Emilethe two and a half year old boy who disappeared last Saturday in southern France, is at a standstill. They have been searching for five days without result for the little boy, who lost track of him while playing at his grandparents’ house in Le Vernet, a district of just over a hundred inhabitants in Haute Provence.

The people live traumatized Since last weekend due to the disappearance of the little boy, on Wednesday the search work on the ground ended and all the hypotheses (that he had been lost and then injured, that someone had taken him…) are still open. The investigators admit to being surprised by the fact that they have not yet found elements that could have led to the whereabouts of the minor.

There is only one new element and that is that, according to the French press, the child was not alone with his grandparents at the time of his disappearance, as was believed, but there were more people in the house that weekend. There was some kind of family reunion. with a dozen people, including some of the child’s uncles, according to the BFMTV network. It is a large family, with 10 siblings.

The Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that Émile’s mother was not at home on Saturday. He insists that he has no indication or clue that could explain this “disturbing disappearance”, in the words of prosecutor Rémy Avon. They have searched the houses of the town, questioned the neighbors and tracked more than a dozen hectares and the cars in the area. This has been closed to outsiders, who are not neighbors or part of the search device.

The interrogations have yielded no clues, for the moment, and the telephone lines have been analyzed, also without results. A trace of blood was discovered yesterday on the body of a vehicle, which was quickly analyzed and revealed to be of animal origin.

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