Emilia: "Coming from where I come from and having the resources I had, success is having become a singer"

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Argentina Emilia Mernes (27 years old) is one of the singers of the moment. This is supported by 15 million monthly listeners on Spotify and almost four million followers on Instagram. Since the beginning of summer, its theme No se ve has remained one of the most listened to songs in Spain, and its latest single, La original, accumulated seven million views in one week. These figures serve as justification for Argentina to feel “more empowered than ever.” Especially after performing at the LOS40 Music Awards, where she won the award in the Best Latin Collaboration category.

“Since I arrived in Spain I haven’t slept at all. A lot of things have happened. For example, I was at the LOS40 Music Awards, at the WiZink Center in Madrid, and it was a fantastic experience. Everything that happens with the Spanish fans is crazy: how they scream, how they sing… Sometimes I can’t hear the screams they make. It makes me hallucinate. I come from Argentina and I cross a pretty big puddle to get here… And for all this to happen to me is very heavy“, he tells EL MUNDO during the promotion of his new work.

“I just launched .mp3which is a very dosmilero. I was born in ’96, but I grew up in the 2000s and my first musical memories are watching MTV. She was obsessed with videos of divas: BeyoncĂ©, Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani, Fergie or Pink. All of them have inspired me, because I think the 2000s era was the golden age of pop music. And that’s why it seemed interesting to me to bring this concept to the present. Have many followers who didn’t even know what an MP3 wasso I think it’s great to present it to you,” he explains.

According to Emilia,mp3 It has a great diversity of genres. “There are ballads, hip hop, songs to dance to, anthems to feel bitch…And a theme that is a declaration of intentions. Is called Facts and in it I talk about what I demand of myself to fulfill my projects,” she reveals. The artist believes that there are few performers as self-demanding as her. However, the pressure she imposes on herself does not make her feel proud. “I’m unbearable. I punish myself a lot and I’m aware of everything. I trust my team, but it is difficult for me to delegate and that is very tiring,” she admits.

“What’s more, it’s something I’m working on in therapy… And therapy has saved my life! Besides my loved ones, of course. I take refuge in the people I love: my family, my friends and my partner. To For me, it’s very important to surround myself with people who tell me the truth and don’t tell me ‘you’re doing everything right,'” he explains about his mental health, which he began to work on after suffering episodes of bullying. “I have many insecurities, which were created in me because of social networks. I have received many bad comments and before I believed them,” she reveals.

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