Emilia Romagna flood, 15 victims: today national mourning

Sale a 15 the death toll from the flood in Emilia Romagna, with the latest discovery of a man’s body, yesterday, in the waters in the Belricetto area in Lugo in the Ravenna area. The Council of Ministers, which yesterday approved the decree with the first measures to deal with the bad weather emergency in the Region, has National mourning has been proclaimed for today.

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From taxes to bills, from layoffs to the fund for companies: this is the 2 billion measure approved yesterday by the CDM to give, explained Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the press conference, the “first important responses to the areas affected by the flood in Emilia Romagna”.


The dl “provides for the suspension of the terms relating to fulfilments and tax and social security payments until 31 August, therefore with resumption of payments until 20 November. The decree also provides for the deferral for the municipalities and provinces of the payment of mortgages towards Cassa depositi e prestiti”, said Meloni.

Approved therefore “a civil protection ordinance which extends the state of emergency to all the municipalities that were affected by the second wave of the flood and which were not foreseen in the first, with the reserve of extending the state of emergency also to the affected municipalities in the Marche and Tuscany, which however need another route”. he explained again, adding: “On the subject of utilities, the suspension of the payment by Arera has already been approved but there is a law that reinforces this provision. As for i mortgagesthere is no need for a rule because this is confirmed by the memorandum of understanding that already exists between the government and the ABI for the suspension of mortgage payments in the event of calamitous events”.

And again: “There is, as far as the bureaucracy, the suspension of all administrative deadlines, including competitions. THE civil servants of the affected areas, if they are physically prevented from working, they will be paid equally”.

“The Ministry of Food Sovereignty andagriculture has allocated 100 million euros for compensation measures in favor of farms and a further 75 million euros, from the innovation fund, for the purchase of machinery for damaged companies”, said the premier.

“We predict, as far as the justicethe postponement of civil and criminal trials, when one of the parties or the defense attorney – Meloni underlined – reside in the affected areas and the suspension until August 31 for what concerns administrative, accounting, military and tax judgements”.

The decree approved by the government also provides for “un 20 million euro fund for teaching continuity. We have empowered the Minister of Education, by ordinance, to work with a certain flexibility for the fulfillment of the final exams based on the needs of the institutions involved. Even the university minister provides for the possibility of distance learning and exams,” the premier said.

“We are working – continued Meloni – for the purchase of computers to be made available to those students who have to operate with distance learning and who do not have one”.

“We expect – he added – one redundancy fund by way of derogation for all employees up to 90 days. Overall, this measure is covered up to 580 million euros”.

“We also provide a one-off payment of up to 3,000 euros for the self-employed forced to cease operations. This measure has a coverage of up to 300 million euros,” explained the Prime Minister.

Also envisaged is “a strengthening of access to the guarantee fund for small and medium-sized enterpriseswith provision for an increase in the guarantee even up to 100%” with coverage of “110 million euros”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has therefore “provided non-repayable contributions for the exporting companies damaged by the flood, from the Simest fund, with coverage of a further 300 million euro”. loans at subsidized rates with non-repayable shares of 10%”, Meloni also explained.

“The Ministry of Health – he then added – has made 8 million euros available for the first interventions to restore the health facilities and we expect the recognition of training credits for health personnel who work in the municipalities concerned”.

The government will also refinance the National emergency fund with 200 million euros, which are entirely intended for this emergency,” said the premier.

“There are some proposals formulated by the Ministry of the Economy, such as the sale of vehicles confiscated by the Customs Agency, with the proceeds destined for this purpose; and we have also authorized extraordinary Lotto and Superenalotto draws entirely dedicated to the emergency”, added Meloni, illustrating the main measures.

“The Minister of Culture Sangiuliano – said the premier – foresees a temporary increase of one euro in museum entrance tickets. The proceeds that will come from this measure will be used to restore the cultural heritage affected by the flood”.

And again: “There is, on the part of the Ministry of Tourism, a fund of an additional 10 million for the compensation of tourist companies hit. The Minister of Sport is making 5 million available for maintenance work on the sports infrastructure“.

Therefore, “the Minister of Transport has proposed the advance of the standard of Procurement Code which allows the emergency sum procedure up to 500 thousand euros for the affected territories, immediately “.

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