Emilie Fiorelli balances on the infidelities of Mbaye Niang

Emilie Fiorelli swayed on the deceptions of her ex, M’Baye Niang, whom she ended up leaving definitively.

Emilie Fiorelli and football player M’Baye Niang have not been together for several months now. The parents of Louna and Farrell reconciled several times before putting an end to their story.

However, the former reality TV candidate continues to often receive questions about her ex, which has the gift of annoying her.

On May 15, 2022, she therefore once again pushed a rant to ask her subscribers to leave her alone.

“Please stop informing me of nights out, dating and anything that affects the private life of the father of my children. We are not together anymore. We currently respect each other for the good of our children, the rest is none of my business. Thank you “ she first wrote in her Instagram story.

Then, she wanted to dot the ‘i’s: “I made the choice to display at the start my relationship with the father of my children, which often made me lose my figure. YES I was cheated on and not just once. YES I was dirtied, humiliated and much more that I will avoid displaying here, I am not proud of it! TODAY I made the choice (for a while) to no longer give a chance to the couple we were forming! So STOP, stop coming to tell me what he’s doing, even if it confirms my choice, it’s absolutely useless! Today I am happy, my children are too, so everything is perfect. We get along as we should, that’s the main thing. »

Emilie Fiorelli wants to keep cordial relations

Emilie Fiorelli spoke of the infidelities of M’Baye Niang, with whom she nevertheless tries to keep cordial relations for the good of their children, as she already explained on May 2, 2022: “I’m not saying it’s always been easy, huh. But we get along well, we have two children together. It’s important to do things right for everyone’s well-being. »

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