[Emily]Thanks to CUHK for cultivating and recalling the purchase of HOS back then Yao Pak-liang: insisted on buying a flat at his alma mater- 20230525 – Hong Kong News – Daily Ming Pao

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Thursday, May 25, 2023

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The construction and transportation industry plans to employ more than 10,000 workers next month, and there may be a plan to accommodate travel bus and minibus drivers.Foreign domestic helpers must report criminal records next month for foreign worker visasMTR: “2 yuan discount” has spot checks and penalties if the price adjustment will cooperateLi urges Cathay Pacific to review employees who are worried about being filmed and pressured, asked whether to add Mandarin-speaking staff Lin Shaobo: Review the flight attendant combinationLabor union letter to employees: According to the manual, passengers can be asked to delete the film. The company issued a document on the same day advocating consensus and seeking cooperation.Legislative Control of “Intra-ethnic Discrimination” CMBS: Optimizing the planBribery for Needle Exchange Youth Imprisoner for Half a Year: Defendant’s Myocarditis Is “Unfounded”Audit Director of the Safe Entry Building for Counterfeit Products: The Department is allowed to go upstairs and then scan the codeLi Xiayin: The new crown has reached its peak and the number of cases is expected to decreasePersonal condolences for June 4th illegal denial Lin Dingguo: No response Assuming Tang Jiahua: It’s okay not to be involved in illegal actsTake the collection off the shelf and put it on the shelf again. Yang Runxiong: Under reviewPray for China, remember Zhou Shouren on behalf of June 4th: Jizhong Vatican abandons prejudicesThe video blackmailed a police prisoner who was on duty for two years to drive a police car out of the police station to collect money and was arrestedThe first police arrested on April 11, the government: the contribution of the police force should not be obliterated because of a very small numberWoman with a cane stumbles into her partner, who flips a wheelchair and two people upside down an escalatorPhone card real-name system subject to judicial reviewThe girl was repeatedly sexually assaulted by her father and her brother, who was imprisoned for 29 monthsA fire exploded and burned a motorcycle house for one night, losing 6 million yuan9 years and 9 months in prison for mistrusting friends with 400 bulletsChao Lin Dingguo: Undetermined Reasons for Returning Donated Organs Members Urge to Promote Cross-border Transplant Patient Organizations as Soon as Possible: Donors Have the Right to ChooseThe day after the National Security Law came into effect, a young man put smoke in a cardboard box on July 1. The man who walked with him denied knowing about itDeng Lidong claimed to be in the underworld with 4 people imprisoned for 12 to 13 weeksPlainclothes policeman suspended from driving duty after bumping into passerby in reverse lane while on dutyGBA Special Topic in the Greater Bay Area: Diagnosis Support for Hong Kong Residents in the Greater Bay Area, Pay Attention to the Funding Limit【Emily】Tang Jiahua: It would be a pity if the Civic Party disbanded, and the living space would be embarrassing. “It’s neither rational nor radical.”[Emily]The former boss of the Medical and Health Bureau’s government assistant took office to accompany the tour of the Legislative Council【Emily】The director of investment promotion will continue to sell Hong Kong when he resigns【Emily】Grateful to CUHK for cultivating and recalling the year when I bought a HOS flat【Emily】Public research: Li Jiachao’s ratings for the government’s satisfaction have risen[Emily]Asked about the surrogacy policy by the Medical and Health Bureau: No objection, no encouragement

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