Eminem asks Republican candidate Ramaswammy not to use his music during the presidential campaign

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american rapper eminem has asked the Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamyformer billionaire biotech executive, who don’t use your music during your presidential campaignaccording to a letter released Monday.

In the letter dated August 23, BMIa performing rights organization, informed Ramaswamy’s campaign, at the rapper’s requestthat already will not license music of Eminem to be used in the Ramaswamy campaign.

“BMI has received a communication from Marshall B. Mathers, known professionally as Eminem, objecting to the use of Eminem’s musical composition by the Vivek Ramaswamy campaign (the “Eminem Works”) and requesting that BMI remove all of Eminem’s works from the Settlement.” exposes the letter.

Ramaswamy’s campaign team told CNN that will comply with the request to stop using Eminem’s music.

Ramaswamya businessman no political experiencehas been rising in some opinion polls and has branded its rivals as “bought and paid for”.

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