Eminem’s self-criticism: he publicly apologized to Rihanna, acknowledged her sexist comments and admitted not being a great influence on new generations

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Eminem He is 48 years old and has been clean of drugs and alcohol for 12 years. In an environment where bursting and excesses are commonplace, he chooses to show the medals he earns in his 12-step group. The battle against addictions is won one day at a time and sobriety is fueled by good deeds, which is why this bad boy who has fought with everyone has decided to make peace – above all – with himself.

The rapper just released a deluxe edition of his latest album, Music To Be Murdered By, with a B-side packed with new songs. In this album they collaborate Dr. Dre, DJ Premier and Ty Dolla $ ign, in addition to some other references of the genre that Eminem admires. “I know I’ve been here for a minute, but honestly, deep down in my heart, I don’t feel like anything I’ve done, anything I’ve done up to this point, is influential. I will never mean more to me than they did to their time, ”he told Zane Lowe in an interview for the show. At Home With de Apple Music, in which he also showed his collection of cassettes.

“I rap to be the best rapper, but I’m not the only rapper who raps to be the best rapper,” he replied when asked about his influences and mentioned his favorites as Lil Wayne, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. His biting tongue is what has made him who he is today: Eminem, on the one hand, and Slim Shady, on the other. Each name shapes the character and alter ego of Marshall Mathers, a white boy who was born poor and who over the years has even fought with his mother. The fatality of addictions wanted him to be on the verge of losing that gift that is also given to him, that of combining his voice and his rhymes.

It was an overdose that woke him up suddenly in 2007, he had hit rock bottom. “Especially it was with the album Relapse (2009) that I started to learn to rap again, due to the drug situation I went through, I had to relearn many things, “he confessed in a recent interview. That record he produced two years after the overdose was a way to start over. “Much of my memory is gone. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken Ambien, but it’s kind of a memory eraser. That shit ended five years of my life. People tell me stories and it’s like, ‘Did I do that?’ “, he told in 2011, interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine.

American rapper Eminem (Credit: EFE / EPA / ETIENNE LAURENT)

Sixty Valium pills and 30 Vicodin pills were normal in his daily intake, but it was Methadone that broke him in 2007. “The doctors told me that I had consumed the equivalent of four bags of heroin”The rapper revealed that after that he did everything to be able to float. To compose Relapse, the slogan was: “Well, if it rhymes, say it.” This is how he screwed up all the way, getting involved in the relationship problems of Chris Brown and Rhianna, when she denounced him for gender violence. Eminem joked: “Of course I’m on Chris Brown’s side / I would hit a bitch too / If she now made my penis itch.” Regretful for his macho and aggressive comment, Eminem shielded his inability to remember and expressed: “I should have thought better of it. You know, it was one of those things that, like I said, I don’t even remember recording, but I record a lot of songs. So it was kind of difficult. “

In matters of a couple, the musician has had his own scandals, especially with Kim Scott, the mother of his daughter Hailie Jade. The couple met when they were both teenagers, they got married and divorced a couple of times, they got intoxicated and cleaned up together and separately and nowadays they go together like good exes. Beyond the marital disaster, Eminem always sought to be a good father to the point that he adopted Whitney, the daughter Kim had with another man at an impasse in her relationship with the rapper, and also took over Alaina, his wife’s niece whose mother died of an overdose in 2016.

Contradictions are the bread and butter of MM’s life. Fought with Christina Aguilera in 1999 when the singer would have commented something about the secret marriage between the rapper and Kim. He hinted that Aguilera was angry after a short-lived relationship between the two, she denied it, they became friends in 2002 and they separated again in 2018.

Another media confrontation was that of the rapper with Will Smithwhen he won the Best Male Video award at the 1999 MTV VMAs. When he went to receive the statuette, Smith said he didn’t need to “use bad language or threaten people to sell records.” The blonde picked up the glove and replied on “The Real Slim Shady”: “Will Smith doesn’t have to curse in his raps to sell records / Well I do, so fuck you.” Five years later, Will was dispatched tall in “Mr. Niceguy ”:“ Eminem despised him, but it didn’t bother him / Yeah, well, he’s got class / Big Will just made another 20 million ”.

Eminem’s strangest relationship was the one that was woven around Mariah Carey. In 2001 the two singers had a relationship that did not last more than six months and of which there are no more traces than the verses themselves that were thrown through the head when everything had already passed. There are no photos, videos, nothing, but the relationship existed and they recognized it a long time later, to tell themselves atrocious. That they had little sex because he was not good at bed, that she was obsessive, that he was obsessive, that they were both a little crazy. In 2010’s “The Warning,” Eminem was blunt and even rude: “Wow Mariah, I didn’t expect you to freak out, bitch shut your mouth before I make all those phone calls. You came to my house when you were wild, before Nick. When you were on my dick and I gave you something to smile about. ” The Nick he’s talking about is Cannon, Carey’s ex-husband and father of her children, who was offended at the time and the foam came down over the years. Is that Eminem has fought with everyone, even with his mother.

“The Warning”, Eminem

Debbie Mather-Briggs appears on that first big hit “My Name Is”: “I was lied to in 99 percent of my life. I just discovered that my mother takes more drugs than me “. Offended, but without losing sight of her goal – to get some money – Debbie sued her own son for libel and libel in 1999. She wanted $ 10 million. Between push and pull, in 2001 an agreement was reached for 25 thousand dollars, of which it turned out that the lady received only 1,600, and the rest went to the lawyer by decision of the judge. A disgrace for her. After treating her mother as a selfish, thief and drug addict, peace came in 2013 when MM told her in “Headlights”: “In spite of everything, I don’t hate you because, mom, you are still beautiful to me, because you are my mom.”

“Headlights”, Eminem ft. Nate Ruess

Unimpeachable, unbridled, sincere until saying enough, as long as he has someone to confront and who to apologize to, there is Eminem for a while.


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